Friday, 29 January 2016

Accompanied by Fashion design, a lady dazzles in style

An alluring art piece is marked by perfection in making and the uniqueness in the design. Overwhelmed by endless interesting designs, the artisans have been able to showcase a piece of work into a master piece.

Importance: Any art form is incomplete without patterns like random lines making a shape or a geometrical design is what makes it attractive and alluring than a plain cloth.  As the saying goes, " I am a blank sheet, until you color me, with threads and buds, I would like to design with thee"
Zarood brings to you exquisite designs to complement and enhance your fashion taste. With a collective effort of the artisans the modern designs get a traditional touch. An inspiration from a folklore or a landscape view, the artisans reflect the contemporary ways. The handcrafted product marks the charm and makes it distinctive with elaborated designs. Join the league and please your eyes with the unmatched designs marking you as a fashion diva in all ways. 

White flower Clutch: the remarkable floral pattern represented with the highlighted design to make it a clutch with high value. The white godly shade acts as a reflector to the well represented design. To add the light to the clutch, the design is made bold to attract the audience even from a distance. 

Sunbeam: As the name reflects the neck piece is a representation of the sun rays. To give that represent-able look the ray like pattern are arranged in a increasing order towards the centre, rather than equal lines. Accompanied at a distance and perfectly organized,  the necklace showcase the idea behind the craft person without his words to explain them. 

Foliole: A mark of creation from the ancient touch, the neck piece highlights the closeness to the nature.  The metal sheet is designed to reflect a shape of a leaf. Rather than making a leaf imprint the craft person has arranged the half shaped leaf sheets separately, leaving a gap in between. The remarkable design is what makes it completely different. The craft maker’s idea of uniqueness adds a genuine touch to the creation. 

Aishwarya: An inspiration from the tribal community, the necklace reflects a combination of various shades. The mixture of triangular, circular and linear patterns systematically organized in a clear bifurcated way, makes it a neat creation. The designs are a clear visible creation and marking the simplicity of the necklace, it becomes its USP.

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