Saturday, 2 January 2016

Shopping of Handmade Products in India

"The beauty lies in hands Crafted with grace And quality of a brand"
Handmade products mark the beauty in making. From the thought to the thread it’s all the beautification of the charismatic hand craftsmanship. The creativity of the artisans comes out and the experiences marks in the remarkable finishing of the product.

Products like the Rajasthani Miniature painting on old postcards are a good example of such an art form and skill.  For instance, the artistic view of the Peacocks dancing is accentuated with neat detailing and making the postcard look extraordinary. Convey a text or a love message to your dear ones on this beautiful postcard and make it special. The simple postcard is decorated with extensively personified designs to make it live. Share the joy of beautifully crafted handmade postcards. 

Another example of this comes from a very diverse background from MUSKAAN, the NGO that enables persons with Intellectually Disabilities. Such persons are trained over months and create products like wax candles and stationery items that put them in the same league as the traditional artisans. We salute these persons, artists in their own right. Take for instance, the Muskaan Cairo bundle which offers handmade candles of pyramid shape. These candles will stand out and will enhance the appeal of your sitting room.  The candles come in vivid colors and highlighted shapes marks an eye catching element of decoration, kept at any place. The affordable price of the candles makes it even more pleasing to fit ones budget. The seamless designed candles will enlighten your surroundings and spread smiles, soothing the mood of everyone around.
Being a face of the social cause, Zarood works with other foundations like Dhaani where they work primarily to offer the handmade products by women in Bihar and other parts of India. These women have been identified and trained over 2 years by Dhaani and are now financial contributors in their families. This has given them respect and self esteem.  The products created by them are comparable to the work of art and products like Jute bags and Cushions Covers are few such products that can be found in vivid styles and designs. 

The philosophy of handmade products has enchanted folks over the last  several centuries and now carries the initiative further by offer such works of art to customers in India thru’ it’s e-commerce portal.

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