Thursday, 25 February 2016

outdoor outing with the innovative designs of jute bags

Accompanying the trend of the season, the new style statement is the one with an eco-friendly approach.  Get into the look of the season with the new Jute bags collection at Be the style statement at your college or an outdoor outing with the innovative designs of jute bags. Marking with vibrant shades, vivid patterns and a stylish look, make it an everyday part of your dressing. To empower the women and encourage their hand work, Dhaani organization, a thoughtful evolution of the ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony and Democracy) has made efforts to bring up their work. 

Joining hands with the great thought, Dhaani products are promoting marginalized communities and their talented skills enhancing your dressing.  

Listed below are 5 such unique Jute bags from Dhaani that can be add style and substance to your appearance.

1. The dual design pattern with the vibrant combination of highlighted red coloured boundaries marks the jute bag a must to have.  Cheap and affordable, the bag with dual strings can be shoulder hung or accompanied with the modern pattern of wrist hanging bags.

2. The classic blend of simplicity with a touch of decent pattern makes the jute bag a master creation. The jute fiber knit pattern diagonally highlighting one corner of the bag makes it look even more decent. The light weight and environment friendly bag will accompany you for daily doings. Use it for office or for an outing, it marks an elegant look with dressing always.

3. Be a stylo with your casual wear, with the innovative colorful patches and knit pattern. The jute bag with the varied coloured patches looks trendy and easy going with any type of personality. Accompany it at an outing or at work, the gleaming shade and graceful look will attract compliments. Distinguish youreself from the crowd and set your own dressing trends.

4. Let the crowd applaud you for your smart choice. With the aesthetic charm and an eye calmer looking bag, the artisans highlight simplicity. The rectangular jute bag accompanied with a vibrant combination of orange string makes it even more stylish and fashionable.

5. Another addition to the jute bag pattern is the sling style jute bags. With the printed leaf pattern and the rectangular side slings, useful for carrying your daily essentials and looks cool with western wear. Carry the elegant look, in such an affordable price and also an environment friendly bag. It can be used again and again, and will never lose its charm.

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