Thursday, 17 March 2016

6 Points to Ponder when you shop for Fashion Jewellery at the Street Markets of Sarojini Nagar and Janpath in Delhi

Delhi is a shopper’s paradise, especially the young ladies who love to spend hours at various markets like Sarojini Market (a.k.a SN or Sarojini) or Janpath finding treasure troves and throw away prices. The designs are latest and the costs are quite reasonable.

Today, we would like to share with you 7 points to ponder before you go shopping  for Fashion Jewellery at SN or Janpath the next time.

1. We all know and hear that there are several chemicals and elements that pose a grave risk to human health. Elements likes Nickel, Cadmium, Cobalt are some of the main causes of serious health diseases like Cancer etc.

2. All of the fashion jewellery that is exported from India has to be mandatorily free from any presence of the above hazardous elements. The suppliers have to provide test certificate to this effect.  However when it comes to local markets all precautions are thrown to air. No precaution is taken to ensure that the material that is purchased by our young ladies should also be of the same international standards. The driving factor is to achieve a near zero cost.

3. When products are made to be sold at such low prices, there a compromise on the labor control laws. Young children of school going age are engaged in production of this cheap online fashion jewellery. Boys and Girls spend endless hours sitting cross legged to make these pieces. All this at the cost of education.

4. This Low cost fashion jewellery is made at costs that defy logic and thus violate the basic principles of human upliftment and empowerment. The workers are poorly paid, they stay in miserable conditions and are forced to continue doing this work as they have not been able to acquire any other life changing employment skill.

5. To add the point above regarding such jewellery posing health hazards, it is important to note that while there is a compromise on the quality in the quality of raw material being used, there is also a compromise in the quality of the storage. These items are made and stored in extremely unhygienic environment exposed to all sort of pollutants which in turn pose a serious health risk to the wearer of these jewellery.

6. On the face of it, the products sold in various street markets look nice and attractive but when one compares them to the products being supplied from India to International markets, the difference is distinct. The overall quality of these street market products is very poor. They have poor finishing.

If the Indian youth have to become international power, then they need to start from the basics.

If we are willing to accept sub-standard products that pose a serious risk to our health then how can we expect to be able to understand and appreciate the need to high quality products and work that are the essence for growth for a country?

Today we have seen this change happening in a very different yet relevant context that is the Indian Software Industry that has grown and thrived only on the basis of quality quality and quality.

About the author

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