Saturday, 26 March 2016

Fashion Accessories and Jewelry according to your personality

Get into the fad of the season with the charismatic appealing ear looks. From long danglers to small studs, an outfit is incomplete without that highlighting look. An accessory refines your attires, defines your style and completes you. Online fashion Accessories according to your personality and outfit marks ones charm. So choose well.

 1   Danglers: the long length hanging ear pieces gives a more detailed look top your face. The long length covers the area between the ear and the shoulder making it more of an attraction. The dangler can be a prominent style with a hair bun hairdo or even straight open hairs. Danglers are much loved for outings and party occasions. It gives an emphasized look to the face and also satisfies the need of wearing other set of accessories.

        Kashmiri Jhumka: the much admired jhumka style is an artistic representation of the traditional art, which has its roots to the exquisite royal designs. The princely patterns have got a blend with the Kashmiri style of jewellery and have become a fascination in accessories. The Kashmiri jhumkas is a blend of bell dome shaped hanging tied with a chain attachment. The chain crosses the through the rear of the ear to revel the hangings from the other side too. The rear hanging is usually elongated to give that revealing look.

       3  Temple coin earrings: recently added to the temple collection of jewellery are the coined earrings. The present style is a personification of the traditional symbol of the importance of coin to represent working administration of kings and their valor deeds. The coin or ‘Ginny’ as it is called, is blended with the pearl art or detailed traditional motif designs to give that contemporary look. The series of Ginny’s together gives an emphasizing royal look and bold enough to compliment your beauty. 

   4  Ear Cuff: complimenting the modern art with much due respect to the traditional styles, the Ear cuffs are the newest in the collection. With a unique style the ear hanging highlight the rear of the ars than the front. The hangings is a great way to cover the distance between the ear and the houlder and also trendy enough to compliment your western attire. A symbol of popularity and class, much fascinated by the youth for its refreshing and trendy look it tags along.

 5  Ear studs: much loved of all the accessories are the simple studs, complimenting all types of attires and also gives that neat and decent look. So studs can never be out of fashion. Beauties of all shape, size or complexion will always feel comfortable with theses light weight ear show pieces.

So compliment your style with the newest fashions and never let the accessories outshine the REAL you...!!!

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