Thursday, 26 May 2016

Quality and “Soul” in Handmade Products

One of the main concerns that clouds the market for handmade products are the slight variation in the finishing and designs. Well most of us understand that this is bound to happen as all products are made by hand and that it is not possible to maintain consistency. 

During my recent trip to United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I had the opportunity to visit a couple of “souks” – market places where handmade products are available. Products from countries like Turkey, Africa, and other MENA (Middle East and North Africa) countries were available by the dozen. 

Coming from India, I wanted to check the quality of the online handmade products available in these marketplaces and compare to ones being sold by Zarood. My impression of the consumers in general in UAE has been that they are very quality conscious and that they would like products that are extremely good finish and style.
We, at ZAROOD.COM, are actively engaged in promoting handmade products from artisans. Our product range includes products like Fashion Jewellery& Accessories, Golden Grass Souvenirs, Miniature Paintings from Rajasthan, Jute Bags etc. and we consistently face this challenge to ensure that there is least variations in the finish of our products. 

My belief was further ratified when I walked into a store selling high end handcrafted fashion jewellery from TURKEY. Posing as a customer, I asked the question about variations in 2 similar products and the answer I received further strengthened in belief in what we are doing. The old lady in the store, soft spoken and dressed in traditional Hijaab, clarified, “Sir, we are in a world where we faces tough competition from machine made products from China. The difference between them and our handmade products is that our products have a soul and purpose. The machine made products lack that completely and as you know where-ever soul is involved, you cannot have similarity.” (translated to convey the meaning of what she said in broken English)

Her words rang a bell immediately with me and I couldn’t hold back myself. I confessed that I was in a similar business as her and that I wanted to check how she handled queries like the one I had raised. An old lady in a foreign land had given me a mystical and philosophical answer to the questions in my mind and once again re-affirmed the belief in what ZAROOD represents. 

We will continue to add newer handmade products and also

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