Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Accessories for your birthday

Want to look the best on this big day? Well you need to dress like a princess for this one day of the year. Take the pleasure to dress perfectly from top to toe for your day. Birthdays mark the celebration of your birth; make it worth the celebration with the elegant dressing paired with the correct fashion  accessories. Be the bling on your birthday and grab the show with the perfect wear for the day. 

1. Birthday Tiara: Add the element of fun and surprise to your dressing with a birthday tiara or head band. The tiara will work as a perfect head gear, neatly securing your hair and making you the centre of attraction of the day. Be the party starter and encourage the crowd to be crazy for it’s your day..!!

2. Danglers: Be the picture of sophistication with those pretty danglers perfectly accompanying your entire outfit and complementing your accessories. That perfecting shining pieces hanging off your ears glitters each time you smile over to greet your wishers. Let the day end with endless compliments for the trendy piece of ear stuff you paired up with your dress.

3. Cocktail ring: Pair your outfit with the charismatic ring to let the minds wobble over you again and again. Let the elegance in reflect through your ways. The big bold ring will not only enhance the look of your dress but also be the highlighter of the dress. With big stoned cocktail rings to funky fashioned up pieces, each marks their own charm to your dressing.

4. Clutch: Clutches adds that final touch up to the dressing. Club up your attire with a dazzling embroidered or sequenced clutch to glitter the diva way on your birthday. This small purse clusters all your essentials and belongings you can keep handy for the day. Bright dazzling clutches for the evening and handy embroidered clutches for the day outing can complete your outfit.

5. High Heels: Stare down the world with those high heels to give you the correct posture and please your dressing with the matching set of heights. Giving you the correct height and enhancing your curves, comfort your ways in the most elegant way. Flock around the party with those high heels and pose for pictures in the glamorous outfit. Bold legs and confident look, will make you shine even brighter for your day.

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