Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Uplifting the Lives of Traditional Artisans by Zarood

The 21st-century businesses are giving a philanthropic touch to their work by contributing to the community as a whole. Most of the companies are working for men, women, and children. These can include homeless, uneducated, unemployed, old age people, environmental issues, work issues, infant mortality rates, focusing on animal issues, looking after mothers and so on.  The enormous brands are contributing towards the fashion for a cause as the modern businesspersons think about their community. It gives them recognition in today’s society.

Improving the Lives of Traditional Craftsmen

Many popular online shopping sites, unlike big brand companies, are contributing towards the lives of the artisans by providing them a platform to showcase their products. is one such online shopping site for fashion jewelry and accessories, home d├ęcor and stationery items that are designed by the local artisans.

The artisans have a platform to get the best incentive for their work and the help to promote the conventional art too. Most of the artisans working on the shopping site are from Rajasthan as one can purchase the traditional beaded and tribal style ornaments. The products that are offered by the site are under the fashion for a cause and the 2% of the share of sales of the products is provided to the habitual artisans.

This has helped in the uplifting of their families and their work. These artisans have received a national recognition as every product is handcrafted with lots of dedication and hard work. The designs, the stones, and sequins are embedded on the accessories or jewelry, and even the handmade paintings are designed with high-quality products. Not only the jewelry but also the customers can buy miniature paintings from India at affordable prices.

How is Zarood Helping the Artisans?

Fashion has extended its limits to helping the community by doing excellent for the classes that are unable to feed or support themselves for a decent life. Under the fashion for a cause, the is helping the artisans to design the best products, and their products are sold through the online shopping site. The professional site supports the artisans in the following ways:

  • ·    The online shopping site provides the share of nearly 2% to the artisans who design great jewelry pieces and fashion accessories for the women.

  • ·   The monetary benefit supports the craftsmen to increase their traditional work and to provide a standardized living to their family.

  • ·      The products are at affordable prices so that women of every age group can purchase them and style them with their outfits. The increased sales benefits help the artisans, as this encourages them to design the great products.

  • ·      The traditional art with a contemporary touch makes its place among the women nowadays, and this helps the artisans to make the accessories according to the latest choice.

Therefore, it can be seen that with the help of the online shopping platforms, the artisan from every corner of the country can keep their art alive. The encouragement and shopping platform helps them to give their best and to add originality to the products that are designed.

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