Monday, 17 July 2017

Fashion Trend – Get a Hot Glamorous Look with Black and White Jewelry!

With the festive season and the upcoming wedding seasons just about to begin, one has to get ready to attend the countless events. However, those who are keen to attend all of these forthcoming events soon and stand out of the crowd are going out to do so. The fashion loving folks who like to experiment now and then would also like to shop for some matchless black-and-white jewelry when they are going to shop for themselves. Today one can get the best online fashion jewelry in India from and ensure that they remain unique.

Black-and-white jewelry are very much on a trend this season and those who love statement necklaces, and earrings would surely go for it. Shopping for online fashion jewelry one might not be able to ignore the fact that there is plenty of silver or platinum jewelry with dark stones to add to the glory.

Why is white and black jewelry the latest fad?

There are people who love dark and all black attire and accessories and then there are people who love everything white. However, those who can think of many things to experiment can go for using semi –precious and even casual costume beads and stones for jewelry. Today, there are black jasper, jade or agate in black which is perfect for use in rings, earrings, necklaces or other such jewel pieces.

Black and White jewelry patterns in trend now:

Just as plain black gemstones or rhinestones can accentuate the attire’s appearance, the black and white jewelry, and it might appeal as trendy fashion jewelry in any way they want.

  • ·    Finger rings: There are finger rings that may have silver and white stone, preferably American diamonds encrusted on them and along with them, the jade black gemstone in the middle. There are single black gemstones on finger rings and these days, wire wrapped designs are quite popular as well. There are also two in one or adjustable rings that get tiny black and white stone pattern on them.
  • ·    Necklaces: Hematite gives a polished look, and it is quite uneven in shape. These usually also come in necklaces that give an asymmetrical design to the necklace. These kinds of necklaces are perfect for all casual and formal looks too, and they give the attire a fashionable look ready for those who wish to hit the ramp walk. Choker and lariat designs with a single black stone pendant on a silver chain are something dreamy.
  • ·   Bracelets and bangles: Lucky charm bracelets might have black onyx or jade or some other inexpensive gemstone that looks cool with any attire. The bangles with a dark stone embedded on the clean surface look great too. This combination is on a high here too.

Today, the black-and-white combination is perfect for those who can go to accessorize any formal or casual designer wear. Silver, platinum, or even white oxide, for that matter, can add to the beauty of the ornament, as they are available as online handicraft product in India from

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