Monday, 7 August 2017

How To Match Your Earrings For Short & Long Hair Styles

The face of an individual always has a lot to speak. It happens to tell many things at a particular point in time. One’s hairstyle and the type of earrings one is wearing impacts the overall look and changes the structure of the face. The type of earrings one is wearing must coordinate and correlate with the hairstyle one is having. They both go hand in hand, and it is not advisable to separate the same due to any of the reasons. Thus in a way, it is always beneficial to match the earrings with the hairstyles and makes the most of it at all points of time. The best must be chosen and put to good use without a saying.

Different Types of Earrings

Earrings are an essential part of women fashion accessories. They tend to depict the fashion for a cause in the sense that one’s hairstyle and the earrings one is wearing must match at all points of time. These earrings can be categorized into seven different types, namely,
  • ·        Teardrops
  • ·        Studs
  • ·        Dangles
  • ·        Chandeliers
  • ·        Hoops
  • ·        Clusters
  • ·        Huggies

Suggestions for hair styles and earrings that complements each other

These days the need of onlinejewellery shopping for women is growing every hour. Since the young girls need to move out either with friends or college or for work, they love to adorn themselves with all kinds of earrings. Though the expert advice to use the following types of earrings with these kinds of hair styles as listed below: 
  • ·       Studs complete a casual look and must not be worn when the hair has been pulled up.
  • ·    Danglers add value to the face by broadening the same and forms the very part of trendy fashion jewelry.
  • ·        Tiny Indian Jhumkis can be coordinated with the pixie cut which is more western.
  • ·        Long, single strand earrings go well with sleek topknots or high ponytails, which put one’s face on full display wherein confidence is the most significant factor.
  • ·       A bun usually matches elegant earrings, which are more sophisticated.
  • ·      Simple clusters with different stones do wonders to lose tresses or hair and enhance their overall beauty.
  • ·     Danglers are a pure mismatch with such long tresses and thus must be avoided for all the good reasons.
  • ·      Tear drops and chandeliers are the perfect match for braids and ponytails and thus add to the beauty of the person flaunting them.
  • ·     When one is ready to go for a complete ethnic look, jhumkis does the work and complements the overall look by adding to the beauty and grace.
  • ·      It is the side braid, which is the most popular hairstyle that goes with all kinds of earrings as well as every single occasion. 

Thus, in fact, short hair cannot be styled but various kinds of earrings and accessories add to the overall beauty and grace. One can visit Zarood’s website to check out the current fashion and accordingly make a style statement. 


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